LINQ, Fill The Gap and The IT Psychiatrist sign Partner Agreement to complement the Partner Network in NZ

On 2 June 2020, LINQFill The Gap and The IT Psychiatrist signed a Consulting Partner Agreement, allowing The IT Psychiatrist to provide services using LINQ to their clients in New Zealand.

“Extending the LINQ Partner network is a key strategy for LINQ” said Neil Calvert, LINQs CEO and Co-Inventor. “Having consultancies who deliver valuable outcomes to their customers with LINQ is the best possible way of increasing the knowledge of how Digital Twins can accelerate decision making and reduce operational cost. It’s really exciting to see the network expanding so quickly and Anthony is a huge asset to our growing community.”

“Bringing The IT Psychiatrist onboard gives us our first physical presence in Auckland, which contains about 35% of all New Zealand Enterprises. We’re excited to make LINQ more readily available to these Enterprises, combining it with The IT Psychiatrist’s understanding of “how digital technology can drive trans-formative growth to gain competitive advantage” to help them understand the link between digital technologies and achieving strategic outcomes” says Scott Kennedy, Managing Director of Fill The Gap Limited and Master Reseller of LINQ.

LINQ is a SaaS platform developed in New Zealand and allows organisations to rapidly build a Digital Twin of their operations, and model alternate twins to determine impacts associated with change. Changes to Information Assets, Systems, People and Processes can all be visualised through dynamic dashboards along with financials. LINQs motto is, “invest thousands before committing millions”.

LINQ customers around the world are realising significant gains in productivity and savings by rapidly determining impacts associated with change, many experiencing efficiencies with requirements gathering being conducted 10x faster.

One project with a large utility in the United States identified savings in excess of $5M through reduction of rework, removal of paper as a “system”, and automation of manual tasks. While a recent case study published shows document storage company DocuVault realising a $140,000 annual saving from removal of “waste” in their processes.

Anthony McMahon, Chief Technologist at The IT Psychiatrist says “while some businesses are happily embracing the latest digital technologies and disrupting traditional business models, many are struggling to anticipate and keep up with trends. For business leaders, being on top of these business-changing and disruptive trends is increasingly essential. At The IT Psychiatrist we use LINQ to help equip our clients with the knowledge, training and support required for technology enabled transformation”


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"One of Ant's strengths is relating to owners in a visionary sense and talking to people who are on the ground...[Ant has a] wide understanding of different systems, processes and applications and can articulate where we're going and what the possibilities are...working with Ant has changed the way we make decisions about IT structures and support systems."

Felicity Hopkins, Director - Research Review

We hired Ant to support us with an important project after he was highly recommended by colleagues. Ant was responsive, speedy, super-helpful and helped us to make key decisions. We appreciated his broad experience, and his ability to hold a high level strategic view alongside expert advice on details. We will definitely be consulting with Ant again and are happy to recommend him.

Gaynor Parkin, CEO at Umbrella Wellbring

"We don’t need a full-time CTO [chief technology officer]. Ant knows enough about our business he can deliver it virtually. He can translate things for us. During project management, Ant came into his own... Ant gets his head round your business and [took his time] understanding our context. He was really clear about pausing on investment into the app...Ant's inquisitive, curious and approachable - he's very easy to work with."

Gus McIntosh, Chief Executive - Winsborough

"Ant was really quick to understand the business model and our processes and IT structures."

James Armstrong, Director - MediData

"Ant helped us at the early stages of Aerotruth helping us to plan our technical infrastructure and ensure we built a product that would scale. Ant was great to work with and we really valued his support and contribution to Aerotruth"

Bryce Currie, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer - Aerotruth