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At Target State Consulting, we offer Virtual CTO and Business/Enterprise Architecture services that steer your company towards success. Through insightful business evaluations and modeling, we empower you to make strategic technology decisions that accelerate your journey to achieving your goals.

Our specialized areas encompass Business Architecture and Target Operating Model development, Incident Response Planning, RFP Planning and support, as well as Post-Incident or Implementation Reviews.

Unleash the full potential of your business – partner with Target State Consulting to embark on a transformative technology-driven journey.


Meet the Team

Anthony McMahon leads the Target State team. Everyone calls him Ant.

What sets Ant apart is his ability to ask the right questions at the right time – he’ll dig deep for the true cause of what’s holding you back from being exceptional, so you’re fixing the problem and not the symptoms. He can speak across multiple levels of your organisation from customer facing staff to board members, using only plain English – no sales pitch, acronyms, or jargon here.

With his broad commercial, corporate and small business acumen, Ant is curious, independent and will evaluate all avenues before coming up with a proposed roadmap. He’ll also support you through the hardest phase – getting it done. The most difficult part can be getting staff buy-in, juggling expectations, and managing the disruption that change inevitably brings, but these critical factors can make or break your IT projects.

We know that your time and resources are precious. That’s why Ant cuts through the hype to remove complexities and demystify technology. He designs and implements policies, processes and strategies that work, so you can focus your energy on achieving outcomes and providing excellent customer service – knowing that your technology is working hard for you, not the other way round.

Ant is also well-known and liked in New Zealand’s tech scene. He’s the host of the popular podcast, Biz Bytes, a public speaker, and a genuinely good person.

When he’s not transforming businesses, he’s spending time with his family, paddling on the water, or walking the dogs. He reads a lot – his wife says he’s the only person she knows who will read while exercising – and loves being out on the water.


Working together, we accelerate New Zealand businesses through the enabling power of technology and systems. We do this by helping to produce world-leading innovation through good use of technology, robust security, sound strategy, and good governance.


James Dickinson - vCIO & vCSO

Another IT strategy mastermind.

James is a mastermind in IT and cyber strategy and has delivered many successful transformations both large and small. With his analytical and strategy-first brain, he will see you staying secure and achieving your goals – however lofty.

James is a seasoned public speaker with an immense depth of experience in cyber security, IT operations and strategic alignment. He also has a great track record in governance and risk. 

Having held senior marketing, product management, sales, strategy and chief information officer (CIO) roles, James takes a 360-degree view to solving complex technology problems, rather than adopting a technology centric view.

When he's not addressing boards or poised in front of a whiteboard, you'll find James in the surf, on a bike or supporting his family’s horse-riding activities.


Dirk Reinhold

Your Data Architect and Business Analyst

For over 15 years, Dirk has helped business leaders in financial services, sales and many more industries, make better decisions by getting to know their data.

Having studied Information Management, and Business and Competitive Intelligence in Germany, he found his sweet spot was making sense of organisational data. He helps businesses make data-driven decisions and maintain a competitive advantage based on a deep understanding of underlying trends.

He also dedicates time to helping New Zealand charities innovate their data management, processes, and reporting. Here he gets to deliver fun things like fundraising and demographic insights and build roadmaps for rolling out dashboards across teams nationwide.

Outside work, depending on the season, you’ll probably find him tramping or snowboarding somewhere elevated – he’s obsessed with mountains and volcanoes. Dirk’s also a musician and has played some wild gigs with some well-known bands.


"One of Ant's strengths is relating to owners in a visionary sense and talking to people who are on the ground...[Ant has a] wide understanding of different systems, processes and applications and can articulate where we're going and what the possibilities are...working with Ant has changed the way we make decisions about IT structures and support systems."

Felicity Hopkins, Director - Research Review

We hired Ant to support us with an important project after he was highly recommended by colleagues. Ant was responsive, speedy, super-helpful and helped us to make key decisions. We appreciated his broad experience, and his ability to hold a high level strategic view alongside expert advice on details. We will definitely be consulting with Ant again and are happy to recommend him.

Gaynor Parkin, CEO at Umbrella Wellbring

"We don’t need a full-time CTO [chief technology officer]. Ant knows enough about our business he can deliver it virtually. He can translate things for us. During project management, Ant came into his own... Ant gets his head round your business and [took his time] understanding our context. He was really clear about pausing on investment into the app...Ant's inquisitive, curious and approachable - he's very easy to work with."

Gus McIntosh, Chief Executive - Winsborough

"Ant was really quick to understand the business model and our processes and IT structures."

James Armstrong, Director - MediData

"Ant helped us at the early stages of Aerotruth helping us to plan our technical infrastructure and ensure we built a product that would scale. Ant was great to work with and we really valued his support and contribution to Aerotruth"

Bryce Currie, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer - Aerotruth

"No question has ever been too silly. Ant's been accommodating and helped me understand. I've valued that he understands the charitable sector really well. He can look through the experience that he has with larger organisations and what's the reality for a small and mighty charity where you don't have teams of people that can come in and project manage an IT project"

Nicola Keen-Biggelar, Chief Executive Drowning Prevention Auckland

"Having Anthony was really valuable – to lean in on his skillset – and his connections. He was able to provide impartial advice about the different strengths [of the providers]. It was important that we undertook a good due diligence process. Having Anthony there meant we had impartial selection as well, which is very important to us and [something] other not-for-profits [could benefit from]."

Rose Hiha-Agnew, Program Director - Community Governance