Introduction: In this case study, we examine how Winsborough streamlined its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities by migrating from multiple CRM systems to a consolidated solution. By optimising their CRM strategy, Winsborough achieved enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall customer engagement. This case study highlights the key challenges faced, the proposed solution, and the successful outcomes of the migration project.

Background: Winsborough had been utilising two CRM systems, Hubspot and Creatio. Hubspot primarily served as a website hosting platform, while Creatio was employed as a full CRM solution. The organisation incurred significant costs with Hubspot amounting to $21,000 and Creatio costing $37,000 annually.

Identifying the Challenge: To optimise CRM operations and reduce expenses, Winsborough engaged Target State. Target State's analysis revealed that Hubspot had the capability to deliver all the functionalities offered by Creatio, while the latter could not handle the tasks performed by Hubspot. It was clear that a consolidation effort was required to eliminate redundancy and streamline CRM operations.

Developing the Migration Plan: In collaboration with Winsborough, Target State formulated a comprehensive plan to migrate all services from Creatio to Hubspot and retire the former. The plan entailed careful consideration of technical aspects, data migration, training requirements, and change management processes. A dedicated project team was assigned to execute the migration plan efficiently.

Migration Execution: The migration project spanned over three weeks, ensuring a structured and smooth transition from Creatio to Hubspot. The project team meticulously transferred data, configured Hubspot to replicate Creatio's functionalities, and implemented necessary integrations with other systems. They also provided comprehensive training to the Winsborough staff to ensure a seamless adoption of the new CRM system.

Successful Outcome: Upon completion of the migration project, Winsborough achieved several positive outcomes:

  1. Cost Optimisation: By retiring Creatio and consolidating CRM operations into Hubspot, Winsborough reduced their CRM expenditure. The increased Hubspot costs amounted to only an additional $2,000, resulting in a overall cost reduction of $35,000 per year

  2. Streamlined Operations: The consolidation of CRM capabilities within Hubspot eliminated redundancy and simplified the organisation's operational processes. Staff members no longer needed to switch between different systems, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  3. Enhanced Customer Engagement: With a single CRM system, Winsborough gained a holistic view of customer interactions and improved data integration. This enabled personalised and targeted engagement, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and stronger relationships.

  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Hubspot offered extensive scalability options, enabling Winsborough to accommodate future growth and adapt to evolving business needs more effectively.

Conclusion: Winsborough's successful migration from multiple CRM systems to a consolidated solution exemplifies the benefits of strategic CRM optimisation. Through the collaboration between Winsborough and Target State, the organisation achieved cost savings, streamlined operations, improved customer engagement, and increased scalability. This case study serves as a testament to the importance of a well-planned migration project in achieving CRM efficiency and delivering significant business value.

The increased costs amounted to only an additional $2,000, resulting in a overall cost reduction of $35,000 per year


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